Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got something you just never get done?

Yesterday was what I affectionately refer to as "Newsletter Day" — the day of the week when three different newsletters I subscribe to come out. One of the newsletters is Marcia Yudkin's The Marketing Minute.

Yesterday's Marketing Minute really hit home for me. Referencing a book by Julie Morgenstern, Yudkin suggests that if there's an item on your to-do list that is always there because you can never seem to get it done, maybe there's a reason why.

Maybe there's a reason why you're procrastinating on that item.

Instead of stressing out about it every day, Yudkin recommends doing one of three things: delegating it to someone else, doing an abbreviated version of the task just to get it done, or making the decision not to do it after all.

I have had these persistent to-do list items before, and I have to say that after writing it on my list every day for weeks, making a conscious decision to ditch the task can be the most satisfying things. By deleting the task, you're giving yourself permission to not do it, and not worry that you should be doing it. If it's really something you didn't want to do, it's amazingly liberating to make that decision.

Have you ever had perma-tasks on your to-do list, and what have you done about them?

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