Friday, June 13, 2008

Are gas prices affecting you?

I think many people assume that because we're freelance writers and we work from home, rising gas prices don't affect us. And for some of us, they probably don't — I know writers who very rarely drive. But others have kids to drive around, errands to run, spouses who still need to commute to work, etc.

Gas prices affect our household in two areas: Michael's commute, and my trips to the barn. Since we're sharing a car right now, when I need to drive somewhere during the day I take him to work, which means two round trips to work that day, plus whatever driving I need to do. It's really unfortunate, because I have virtually everything I need within walking distance except for a horse boarding facility — literally the only thing I need on almost a daily basis.

The end result is that Michael and I are talking about alternatives to driving, as I'm sure half of America is right now. Once Michael starts taking classes again in the fall, he'll be able to commute via Light Rail for free. And I've been going out to the barn in the evenings instead of during the day, so that I don't have to spend an hour and a half each day taking Michael back and forth to work.

Are gas prices affecting you? And if so, what — if anything — are you doing (or thinking of doing) differently?


Anonymous said...

YES! And unfortunately so is the price of food. I have had to make my daughter miss softball games that were farther than 20 miles. We've seen a rise in our grocery bill too because we are making more trips to the store. Kids are home from school for the summer and of course want to eat more. We've also held off on traveling to see family, who really are only about 40 minutes away because of gas prices. It's going to be a long boring summer!

Katharine Swan said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting!

I think in addition to the gas spent driving to and from the grocery store, the price of food is going up to compensate for the fuel used to truck it in. We're doing some shopping at farmer's markets this summer -- local distribution means lower prices. And besides, there's something to be said for keeping your money in the community!

We also will be doing less traveling this summer. Our solution was to move the in-laws to Denver, so that we don't have to take road trips to go see them anymore. LOL -- well, maybe that wasn't the reason we moved them, but having them closer sure saves us a lot of money on gas!

Katharine Swan said...

P.S. I just published a related post on this topic, on how gas prices are creating a telecommuting trend. Check it out!


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