Monday, June 09, 2008

Finding old colleagues

When I worked at my technical writing job, I worked with some really great writers. We were all pretty close when we worked for that employer, and after we all left we stayed in touch for a while. In the last couple of years, however, I've lost touch with them somewhat.

The other day, though, I realized — from a group email the editor of one of the magazines I write for — that one of my old co-workers was writing for the same magazine! I sent her an email to catch up.

My old colleague had left the technical writing firm back in 2005 when she found another job at a local daily newspaper, which was more along the lines of what she wanted to do. (Not to mention our boss was terrible. I still need to blog about that sometime.) She left the newspaper earlier this year to freelance full-time. (I started freelancing full-time when I left the technical writing firm in October of 2005.) It was good to catch up with her and to find out that she is now a fellow freelancer!

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