Saturday, February 02, 2008


We had some weird weather in Denver tonight: "thundersnow."

When Michael and I arrived home from grocery shopping, it was starting to flurry. About twenty minutes later, while I was sitting at my desk, there was a weird flash outside. While I was still trying to figure out what it was, thunder rattled the house.

We had maybe half a dozen more flashes of lightning. It was really weird lightning, silent and quick but extraordinarily bright. Grace, our rescue dog, was an absolute wreck, pacing and making a beeline for the nearest hiding place at each flash of lightning. (Have you ever seen an 85-pound shepherd try to get behind a bookcase? It's quite a sight!)

Anyway, the final flash was even brighter than all the rest, and the answering thunder was long and particularly lusty. Michael and I both remarked how close it was.

Later this evening, we found this story on one of the local news stations' websites:

House Struck by Lightning

The first article claims that "thundersnow" only happens a couple of times a year in Denver. Ha! I don't think I've ever seen it happen, and Michael hasn't either.

What a weird night!

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Andrea said...

Wow I'm jealous. We've been watching for it ever since we moved to the Midwest. In the two years we've been here it has been predicted twice but has yet to happen. I was fascinated at the notion having grown up in hurricane country snowstorms, blizzards, and thundersnow are all new to me.

I'm still worse than the kids anytime we get more than a dusting of snow. I wake everyone up early just to look at it.


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