Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Off Topic: Save Rolo

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. I have been especially busy lately.

I did want to call everyone's attention to a dog-in-need story in the Denver area. A German shepherd named Rolo has been sentenced to death — wrongly, I think. Evidently he got away from his owner and "attacked" her neighbor, but all that he did was to tear the woman's dress and leave two scratch marks. For this, the courts have ordered him to be put down, but his owner is appealing the decision on February 25th.

I just don't think this is something a dog should be murdered over. He didn't hurt the woman or her child, and he certainly could have — anyone who thinks a ripped dress and two scratches is the worst a dog could do is naive about the strength of a dog's jaws. In other words, if this dog were really dangerous, a couple of scratches would be the least of the neighbor's worries.

A red flag for me is that the neighbor kept adding more "bills" to her restitution claims. If you read the trial transcript, she was claiming $1,327 in restitution, including $500 in physical therapy charges — yet the owner says that her neighbor never showed her any bills to back this up. It sounds to me like the neighbor is being vindictive, trying to milk her "victim" status for all that it's worth.

This story really concerns me. Our white shepherd often nips at the air when she greets new dogs, and plays with her mouth open. She's never harmed another dog and I don't believe she ever would, but what if someone takes a look at those big teeth and decides that she would? Furthermore, I've gotten scratched and had my clothes ripped just from our dogs jumping up on me in greeting.

In other words, this could happen to any dog owner.

I believe that dogs are capable of accidents, just as people are. To put this dog down over a couple of scratches and a ripped dress is an atrocity. Please sign the petition and help to save Rolo from the gallows.

Note: After signing the petition, you will be asked to donate to iPetitions. It's not required. Just hit the back button, scroll to the top of the original petition page, and click the Signatures tab to make sure your signature made it onto the petition.


Michele said...

I signed. Poor Rolo! I don't think a couple of scratches and ripped dress warrants a death sentence either, Katharine. I love dogs, particularly German Shepherds. This plea for his life really spoke to my heart and I had to sign the petition and leave a comment.

Thanks getting off topic and letting us know!


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

As someone who owns an agressive dog (only with people who come to the house), I find this reprehensible. I signed as well.

Katharine Swan said...

Michele and Kathy,

I just wanted to thank both of you for signing the petition.

Kathy, Grace is also very serious about her job as "guard dog." Even if it's someone she knows, like my mom, she'll keep howling and barking and snarling until the person actually gets in the door -- and then she's perfectly fine.

jazzin said...

I thought I had heard on news or read somewhere that Rolo was getting some kind of training while at Table Mountain? Hopefully that would help his case when Judge decides fate.

Katharine Swan said...

Yes, I think you're right, Laura and Rolo were doing behavior training. In fact, it sounds like Rolo's trainer testified at the retrial.

By the way, Rolo has been spared. I posted an update here.


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