Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My expanded website

I have decided to make some major changes to my website. Essentially, this meant buying several more domains and upgrading my hosting plan to cover everything. Soon all of my alternate blogs — Reading For Writers, Livre du Jour, my wedding blog, and a new blog I'm starting to market my ebook — will be located at their own domain names, rather than on KatharineSwan.com.

I decided to go this route for several reasons. One, the directory for KatharineSwan.com is simply getting too crowded with all these blogs. Two, I wanted separate domains for everything for marketing purposes. It will certainly benefit my ebooks (both the one I have now and a couple of upcoming titles) if each has its own, easy-to-remember URL.

I'm also having new blog templates designed for a couple of my blogs.

I'm working on the changes now, but for the time being I'm only able to accomplish a little at a time — I still have clients to take care of, after all! I'll release the changes on each blog separately, and let you know as each one is ready to go.

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