Saturday, February 02, 2008

I've gone minimialist!

Well, kind of.

Michael and I have gotten into spring cleaning mode, probably as a combination of three factors:

1. I discovered Freecycle.org.

2. We live in an older house with small closets and not a whole lot of storage space.

3. We own so much crap that it has started to weigh on me.

Last night I finally pulled some books off my bookshelves that I've been wanting to get rid off. I then rearranged my books and made some room on my office shelves for some books I've been wanting to bring up from the basement.

Between last night and today, I culled about two-thirds of my clothes. Michael's also picked out a bunch of clothes to get rid of. I'm about to inventory everything and organize it into donations to local charities. I've also listed a few things on Freecycle.org.

I have actually been tempted to do this for a while; I think it was Freecycle.org that finally tipped the scales. It's amazingly liberating to get rid of stuff, as if I've been carrying all of my possessions around on my back. Especially my clothes. Fashion, smashion. I have a horse, for crying out loud — if it's not practical, I don't need it!


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

So what books are you trying to get rid of? (Like I really need more of those, right? LOL)

Anonymous said...

Katharine, how've you been doing? Haven't heard from you in a while so I dropped by. =D

I hope you received my letter. It was sent out late (explanation here: http://atelier.bohemianwordsmith.com/roar-roar-roar-meow/), but I hope it got there in one piece. I got your card too, btw!

Anonymous said...

Errr...that's me above of course~

Nikki said...

I love freecycle.org. When we found out we were having Noah (after getting rid of all baby items of course) I freecycled to get everything I could. I got lots of clothes for him and an infant car seat

Katharine Swan said...


I did get your card. I loved the letter too! Thanks for telling me about your Christmas traditions!


That's a great idea for using freecycle.org -- I'll keep that in mind when Michael and I get to that point. :o)


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