Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Freelance job ads that don't make sense

One of my personal favorites are the job ads that contradict themselves. Take this one, for example:

Manuscript Submission.

XXX is an online publishing house created by writers and artists. We are looking for authors of fiction, children’s literature, political satire and graphic novels.

Our mission is to work individually with authors to distribute their work to a diverse national audience. We are run by artists and strongly believe in the power of literature. To learn more about XXX visit our site at XXX

If you have a finished manuscript and feel you would be a good contributor to our e-book library please submit a resume, cover letter and summary of your story to:

[Contact info removed]

Emailed submissions will NOT be considered. We will contact all authors whose work meets our needs and will request the full manuscript at that time.

An ebook publisher that doesn't accept email submissions. Isn't that rich?

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Anonymous said...

Oooookay...now I think I really have heard everything


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