Friday, September 21, 2007

An ebook library? Who would've thunk it?

Yesterday while doing some research, I discovered that my library has ebooks that you can "check out." Some of the ebooks are through their system, and you actually check the books out -- and while you have the book checked out, you are the only one who can view it.

They also offer some ebooks through NetLibrary. I had to call my library and have them set up an account for me, but once I'm in I can search the database and access any of their ebooks. There's no limit -- I just put the ebook in my favorites list and log in whenever I want to look at it.

Although I've known for a while that my library offered the ability to check out ebooks, yesterday was the first time I had actually tried it. After a short call to the library to set up my NetLibrary account, I was able to browse the ebook and find the information I needed. Basically, I did library-quality research without ever leaving my rocker.

Ebook lending libraries are a great resource for writers (or even students, for that matter). I highly recommend contacting your library and finding out if they have a similar service.


Anonymous said...

I wish my dinosaur library had that. Mine is still trying to pawn off VHS rentals.

Katharine Swan said...

Ha! You're fast -- I didn't post this very long ago!

Do you have other libraries in your area that might have something similar? I have cards at about three different library systems in the Denver Metro area, actually. I've found that if one doesn't have something I need, another usually will.

If that's not an option, I think NetLibrary actually has an option for libraries to sign up for their services. Maybe you could suggest it to your library.

Anonymous said...

I'm not TOO fast. Last time I checked your blog, it was down for some sort of site maintenance. I believe that was about three months ago. ;-)

As far as libraries in the area go, I really have to go to downtown Chicago if I want to find a real library. However, since I'm an hour-long train ride away, I don't do that very often.

Assuming they don't already have it (by some miracle), I might suggest the NetLibrary next time I'm there, if only to see the frightened looks of the librarians when I bring it up. They're nice people, but not the most tech-savvy folks. The concept of internet access threw them for a long while.

Katharine Swan said...

Re: the downtown Chicago library -- if they offer ebooks, technically you wouldn't have to make that drive! It might be worth checking into, at any rate.

As for the tech-impaired librarians -- if you suggest NetLibrary, I'd love to hear how it goes! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Good point. I'll definitely have to check on that. Of course, then my new addiction will be checking out ebooks. Do they have some kind of limit?

Katharine Swan said...

Not that I can tell.

Anonymous said...

Haven't made it to the library in person yet, but I did go on the site today. We don't seem to have NetLibrary, but we do have a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't know we had, including eAudiobooks. They must have hired some new staff. ;-)

Katharine Swan said...

That's good news, Amy. There's hope for your library yet!