Monday, September 17, 2007

A run-in with my horse

I had a run-in with Panama this weekend — quite literally, actually!

On Saturday, as I was leading him past a few of the other horses' runs and into one of the pastures, a particularly nasty-tempered mare tried to bite him. I assume it was her attempt to put the new young horse in his place, but it scared both me and Panama — she snapped her jaw shut so quickly, and right next to his face, that we could hear her teeth slam together! Panama was understandably impatient to get past her, but I stopped to scare her off from the fence by pushing her shoulders and yelling at her.

Thirty minutes or so later, Michael and I brought Panama back from the pasture. I was leading Panama past the mare when she leaned over the fence and started trying to nip at him again. I leaned across to scare her off again, but at that same moment, Panama decided he needed to get out of her reach. Unfortunately, I was in the way; as he swung his head around and lunged forward, his nose hit my cheekbone with the force of a battering ram.

I dimly remember feeling the impact, but I don't remember falling. Next thing I knew, I was sitting on my butt in the dirt, and Panama was leaning down to sniff me apologetically.

Luckily, Michael was there, so he was able to lead Panama back into the yard while I regained my equilibrium. I wondered if my face would turn black-and-blue from the impact, but other than a little stiffness and soreness, nothing interesting came of it.

Michael told me that it was too bad I didn't stay on my feet, because if I had he would have put me in the (boxing) ring.

I'm actually glad to have sustained my first (albeit minor) injury from working with my horse. Although the impact stunned me more than I'd like to admit, I at least know what to expect now. Oddly enough, I think this has made me worry less about getting injured around Panama, rather than more.

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