Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting rid of bad clients

I've gotten a couple of emails lately from a fellow Rich McIver, asking me to share his article with my readers. The first time I didn't mind so much (although I never got around to reading the article, I'm afraid). This time it is beginning to feel like spam. However, I think the article is rather worthwhile, so I'm going to put my mild irritation aside and provide the link.

The article is "Top 10 Ways to Fire the Client from Hell." It sounds funny — probably because anything with "hell" in the title usually is supposed to be comedy — but it actually contains valuable tips for getting rid of bad clients.

I have personally dealt with almost every type of client on this list, as I'm sure many of you have. However, I've found that my biggest problems tend to be with the clients who are overly demanding — either of my time (i.e. wanting a full-time writer at part-time contractor prices) or of my work (i.e. wanting more work for the same — or less! — money). I have also used the "I'm too busy right now" excuse with clients who have been problematic in the past, and I assure you, it is beautiful empowering to actually exercise your right to pick and choose your clients!

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