Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where I work

Yesterday, Deb of Freelance Writing Jobs posted about where she works. I liked her post and her pictures, so I decided to do a similar post.

I actually work in a few different places. The place that is set aside for my work is, of course, my office. Here's a picture I took a little while back. The desk is actually a little messier right now...

I like to work sitting at my leather-top desk (which I believe is from the 1930s, perhaps earlier) with the blinds open to let in some natural light. As you can see, I also have a couple of antique or vintage bookcases. The mirror above the big bookcase is a fabulous art nouveau piece.

Not too long ago, I bought a new desk chair. Although it probably doesn't look that comfortable to most people, I love it -- I'm working at my desk much more often now than before I got it.

On the other side of the desk, I also have an overstuffed vintage rocker, possibly from the 1940s or so. I often like to sit in the rocker with my laptop and a lap desk on my lap. My antique floor lamp casts a nice glow over me as I work, thanks to that beautiful lemon-yellow glass shade (which I pray I never break).

That's it for my office. However, I like to move around a lot as I work throughout the day. One of my favorite alternate workspaces is our large front porch, which is in shade until early afternoon.

My black cat, Cleo, likes to hang out with me on the porch as I work.

Another place I sometimes work is in the kitchen. However, I haven't worked here as much since I switched to an earlier schedule. When I was getting up every day around late morning (and sometimes early afternoon), I liked to go through email and search for jobs while I ate breakfast. Now that Michael and I go for walks every morning, I have started taking dedicated breaks for meals, so I rarely work in the kitchen any more.

(A note about those flowers -- Michael had them sent to me a couple of months ago. That was the first -- and so far, only -- time he has bought me flowers in the two years we have been together. So of course I took a picture!)

There you have it -- all the various places I work. I love hearing about where other writers work, so please feel free to either comment here or join the discussion over at Deb's blog!

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