Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How much is Harry Potter worth?

We know how much J.K. Rowling is worth. But how much is Harry Potter worth?

Because I am an amateur book collector, the following story caught my eye: "Signed Set of Harry Potter Books Due for Auction." As a donation for a book charity, J.K. Rowling has signed a special edition of each of the seven books, and they will be auctioned as a set on eBay on September 24th.

The charity is hoping to get about $40,000 for the set. For that amount, I could buy this: an extremely rare, first edition/first issue copy of my favorite Brontë book, Anne's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Before I go off to ponder why a set of seven signed modern books are worth as much as a pristine 150-year-old treasure, I should mention that Rowling's donation was to raise money so that the charity, an organization called Books Abroad, can provide books for children overseas. Although I am still indignant on Anne Brontë's behalf, I have to admit that it is a very worthy cause.

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