Monday, August 20, 2007

Associated Content performance bonus UPDATE

The other day I wrote a post about my recent experiences trying to get Associated Content to pay me my performance bonus. I have an interesting update I thought I should share with everyone.

As you can see from the comments on the first post regarding AC, at 8:25 I received a comment from "Anonymous," suggesting that I read the Associated Content performance bonus policies in order to clear up my "confusion." As I responded, I have read the policies, and I can point to exactly where the payment schedule and minimum payment is explained.

Perhaps, though, the "anonymous" commenter wanted me to reread the part under the "Beta Phase" heading:

The data presented in the Performance Bonus Beta may not be 100% accurate, and you should not rely on those numbers, as they may change during the beta phase. While AC will use its best efforts to report and pay the bonus payment accurately, and in a timely fashion, because we are in a beta environment there may be some errors and delays.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like putting that into the policy simply sets up an excuse to use when payments are late or wrong (as with mine). However, I find that rather ridiculous, because the program seems to have been in place since February (since that's when my earliest bonus is from). Isn't six months enough time to figure out how to keep good records and make accurate, timely payments? And furthermore, isn't it their responsibility to do so, regardless of what their policy says?

There's more, though. Only about half an hour later, I received an email from Michael Street himself. (Remember, this is the person several forum members recommended I contact regarding my payment issues. This is also the person that failed to respond to both of the emails I sent him regarding the problem.)

In the email, Mr. Street claims that I am paid up on my performance bonus. He then lists six individual payment amounts totalling $22.75. Unfortunately, as you'll remember from my last post on the subject, I only received five payments totalling $18.59.

Mr. Street then goes on to echo "Anonymous's" comment, and advises that I read the Associated Content performance bonus policies. He also specifically reminds me that the program is in beta.

Of course, I emailed him back immediately, explaining that I received five payments, not six. Just a few minutes ago, I received a response from him, saying that they are checking into it, and "if that $4.16 payment is missing we will send it right out to you."


Well, all I can say is that they had better find it missing, because I sure don't have it! Regardless, though, I will update my blog when I hear from them again.

Click here for the update on my Associated Content performance bonus.

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