Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poor Panama!

I haven't updated my blog lately because I've been so busy. However, there are some changes in the situation with Panama that I've been wanting to blog about.

As you'll know if you read my blog regularly, I've been planning to move my horse to Denver from where he's been staying on the in-laws' property. As part of that preparation, we had Panama gelded a few weeks ago. I was hoping there would be no complications, and that I would be able to bring him out here on time; unfortunately, while the gelding healed up just fine, we had other problems to contend with.

About a week ago (I think), Panama got tangled up in the barbed wire fence on the property where he's staying. It was overnight, so it sounds like he was caught for quite a while. When the wound didn't seem to be healing very well, we gave the in-laws the go-ahead to call the vet.

Two vet trips later, the healing sounds as if it is back on track.

Unfortunately, there was another problem. In order to be transported across state lines, Panama needed a Coggins test, so the vet drew blood at the same time as the gelding. The test was going to take a couple of weeks to come back, because it had to be sent off to the lab. At the end of last week, however, the vet came around to draw more blood, saying the lab had lost the sample.

Of course, that meant he wouldn't be ready to travel by the scheduled pick-up date. Michael and I scrambled to confirm with the vet and reschedule the transport. Only about four hours after we rescheduled, the vet called to say the sample hadn't been lost after all, and the test results had arrived.

Ultimately, Michael and I decided not to try to re-reschedule back to an earlier transport date. Panama's wound was still not healed (this was Monday), and we didn't want to risk it getting worse and wrecking the transport plans all over again. So as of right now, Panama will be transported several weeks later than we originally intended.

This is disappointing in many ways. First of all, we're paying for Panama's spot at the stables, whether he is here or not. But more importantly, this means that I have to wait several more weeks before my horse is close enough to visit every day.

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