Friday, August 24, 2007

Email scams abound!

Back in June, I posted a couple of warnings about email scams that are going around. You get an email claiming someone sent you an ecard, only the site that you are directed to actually downloads spyware or malware onto your computer. At first, the scam was using a really hokey-sounding website. Then they tried pretending the email was from a real ecard site, but the link actually took you to an IP address.

Unfortunately, they haven't stopped trying. They changed their email to say "Your cousin [email address]" sent you an email address, but essentially it was still the same email. This morning I got an email claiming I had an ecard at wickedmoon.com, but again, the link connects to an IP address, not wickedmoon.com.

They (or someone similar) is also trying a different tactic. Just the other day, I received an email with fake account information and a link to "Poker World." Like the others, the link went to an IP address.

These email scams are becoming quite common, it appears. I still don't know how they got my email addresses, but basically it means that someone out there is selling email lists to someone they shouldn't be.

Be careful about following links in any emails you receive!

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