Friday, August 03, 2007

Why today feels like Saturday

Today has felt like Saturday all day. Michael was having a stressful week, and managed to get today off for a little R&R. (Why is it that I work for myself and I can't do that right now? Oh yeah. It's because I'm busy.) With Michael home today, I've had a hard time working, just as if it were Saturday.

In truth, though, my internal calender was off last night, too. Michael emailed me from work around 10:30 yesterday morning to tell me he would be taking today off. As a result, yesterday felt like Friday to me almost the entire day, and I think that made it even harder to convince my brain that today was not really the weekend.

It also doesn't help that I find it extremely hard to work when Michael is home. I almost always go into a weekend intending to work, and more often than not come out of it not having gotten anything done. It's not that he's trying to distract me -- usually -- but apparently my focus is undermined anyway. Today we had to spend two hours at Barnes and Noble so that I could get my work done.

It would have been really nice to just take today off -- and believe me, I thought about it. Unfortunately, I have too much work to do right now to take a day off, so I settled for working a couple of hours less than usual. (Okay, that was actually because I couldn't concentrate.) However, as soon as my big project is done and I can get some of the little ones out of the way, I am taking several days off where I'm going to do NOTHING BUT READ.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Katharine, I completely know how you felt Friday. I felt that way Monday. It's impossible for me to get work done with anyone home. Which is also why I rarely leave weekends with completed work under my belt - regardless of the "to do" list I enter those weekends with!

Katharine Swan said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! :o)


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