Thursday, August 02, 2007

My new morning ritual

The last few mornings, I've discovered something new: working on the front porch in the mornings.

Like most bungalows, one of the best parts of our house is a big, beautiful front porch. Here's a picture of it, taken when we first bought the house:

Because our porch faces west, I haven't spent much time working on it until recently -- with my late schedule last summer, it was always flooded with afternoon or evening sun when I was up. (In Colorado, late afternoon and early evening are the hottest parts of the day, because of the way the sun beats down on anything that faces west.)

For the past couple of weeks, however, I have been getting up early every morning to walk the dogs with Michael before he goes to work. I've gone from getting up at 10am at the earliest every day to getting up by 7am during the week, and 8:30 or 9am on the weekends! This leaves a nice, long -- and more importantly, cool -- morning for me to work out on the porch.

Our porch is so big that we have two patio sets on it -- one on each side. Here is a picture of my favorite place to work:

The view is quite nice, as all the houses across the street from us are older, like ours. If it weren't for the neighbor's car in the driveway (and the computer on my lap), you could almost imagine that it's actually 50 years earlier.

The other patio set is nice because it has a table, but as I am always more comfortable with my laptop on my lap, I don't work there as much. It suits the house, though, as it is vintage and rather quaint:

Oftentimes, one of my cat joins me on the porch. Both of my cats are kept indoors, but this one I can trust to stay on the porch with me while I work, as she has never been an outdoor cat (whereas the other one has, and would bolt).

So that's it -- my new morning ritual. Do you have any similar work habits or rituals?

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