Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update on Nathaniel Hammel and RobinHood Press

I received several comments and emails today regarding RobinHood Press and Nathaniel Hammel. (Thanks, by the way, to everyone who has gotten involved and shown their support!) I also discovered that the announcement (and the graphic next to it) has been taken down from his site. I'm not sure what precipitated that, but I hope it was other writers taking my suggestion and emailing him! :o)

Don't think that this means he has reformed, though - also this afternoon, I received an email from him in my inbox, still maintaining that he is right. Here's a sampling of what he had to say:

Don't be mad because there are people out there who agree with me.

Don't respond to this letter please, I have alot of wonderful people to be serving inspiration to, people who love art and writing not nick-picking

Aside from his spelling errors, his email reminds me of those employers who accuse us of caring about money instead of writing, simply because we want to get paid for our work. Clearly he hasn't changed his attitude one iota, no matter what he's done to his website.


Anonymous said...

Truly astounding! I think this guy is located somewhere in India or Pakistan where there is no regard for anyone's creative work, and no law to back it up. Despite his lack of grammar and syntax, he really thinks he's right, and so, I would say, anymore effort towards reforming him is just like running into a brick wall!

You know what they say in therapy: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Just let others know about this whacko's operation and then keep clear of this guy.

Angela Watson

Damon Watts said...

What I gather from all your posts, is that your upset that Nathaniel shared some work. I don't see anything wrong with sharing. I don't know the legal stand-point of things, but I do know that if I had some artwork that I created that some one else liked, and they shared it with the world, then that means more people will get to know who I am and maybe even buy future artwork. I have seen his site and I find nothing offensive ...

Two ... when I read your posts, I sensed a personal vendetta against the guy ... Did you really get mad because he didn't like your writing, or refused to publish you?

Besides would you really be that mad if someone were to read a story or something that you wrote to a library full of people?

Also being the writer that you claim to be, how do I know what you are saying about the guy and his business is true? Is even the emails sent back and forth to you real? None of us can actually read the real emails, just what you post. How do any of us know that you didn't make all this up, which to my knowledge, would be called slander, and that is illegal.

I have actually seen this happen so many times to people and businesses. Someone gets mad, so they try and ruin, lie, and draw people away from a good thing. Most times it doesn't work. When it doesn't, I have seen the slanderers go to jail.

So all in all ... on the subject posted here ... I can't agree with you on this subject, legal or not.

Damon Watts said...

Now I really don't believe you, seems how you can deny any post before it gets posted, which means that you can hide any comment you don't want people to see.

Katharine Swan said...


There is a difference between sharing someone's work -- i.e., posting a link to it on your blog or Facebook page -- and USING someone's work without their knowledge or permission. The first is legal. The second is not.

I never had or attempted to have any business relationship with this guy. Also, I still have the emails if I ever need to prove anything. You can believe me or not believe me as you choose, but honestly, if you want to talk about suspicious -- how did you come to be trolling a blog post this old?

And no, there is nothing wrong with requiring that I preview all comments before they are posted to my blog. Otherwise I get a lot of spam, so I prefer to go through the comments myself, delete the spam, and publish the real comments. Blogger does a pretty good job of weeding out the bad apples, but some inevitably slip through, and I refuse to let someone else post crap to my blog and ruin everyone else's reading experience just to promote their site.


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