Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a joke: RobinHood Press and Nathaniel Hammel's latest rebuttal

It's so pathetic it's funny. In my last post about Nathaniel Hammel and RobinHood Press, I mentioned that "fair use" of copyrighted works usually has to be in the form of criticism, comment, education, etc. Here's his response:

All graphic used on my site are for educational purposes to expand the creativity of the Writer's and Artist's mind, after all my website does allow people to share their stuff through the writer's club for free.

Somehow I don't think I'll be able to explain to this guy that's not what the law meant by "educational purposes."

He also accused me of just wanting to bash him, which is interesting since all I have done is to inform him of copyright law and quote the actual law to him. Equally amusing is what he said in an earlier email:

water off a ducks back. I am a proffessional, and don't need to go back and forth with you.

Maybe he should learn to spell professional before he calls himself one.

And, finally, a threat:

I've talk to my Lawyer, and he will personally write a letter to you telling you that what I said is right. I also have a few Authors and artists who will put a letter together for you to read too.

Well, if his lawyer has the same degree of "proffessionalism" as he does, I'm not too worried about what he'll have to say.

Of course, I maintain my earlier advice: Stay away from RobinHood Press and Nathaniel Hammel, and do everything you can to warn other writers and graphic artists!


Anonymous said...

There are so many grammatical errors throughout all of his correspondence-- things that even a spell check could fix! He cannot seriously call himself a real publisher. There is something wrong when people can just decide to one day become a publisher. Just... wow!

Like a Fox said...

I've had the dubious honour of going line-by-line over this guy's work on a writing forum. I thought, at the time, that he genuinely wanted to improve, but he didn't bother to make a single one of my numerous corrections. The piece I critiqued is one of his samples, if his site is still up. Last I checked, every error I took the hours to fix, gratis, was still there. I suggested very nicely that he get a "proffessional" editing service before he published those novels of his. Gah... I wish he'd get a clue! Feeling snippy after being brushed off, I went through his site and corrected all the errors there, too, and sent them in a little collection. Nothing changed, but I was happier :D

Katharine Swan said...

Julia, I am ashamed to admit I have no clue when you left that comment, and the screen isn't showing me the date. I am so sorry...

Like a Fox, I know when YOU left that comment -- and it was very recently! I'm sorry to hear that this guy is still around, still thinking he's a writer. Good for you for putting him in his place, even if he didn't get the hint!


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