Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day: Celebrating Mr. Perfect

In April of last year, Michael's picture appeared in Glamour, along with a corny quote from me. This Valentine's Day, Mr. Perfect appears in print again!

You can make your own romance novel cover here. I got the idea from Kristin King and Julia Temlyn.

Anyway, our Valentine's Day ended up being a two-day event, thanks to the snowstorm we had yesterday. Although the roads were still passable, we didn't feel like going anywhere in the snow, so we postponed our dinner plans and occupied ourselves with the, um, other types of Valentine's Day activites. Tonight we celebrated Valentine's Day, part II, with dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

Other types of Valentine's Day activities.

You're so cute! LOL!

Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! Don't worry-- my Michael and I haven't even exchanged cards yet! We've had them since before Valentine's Day, but so much happened that night and we forgot. Last night we were out shopping and found a Nintendo Wii (finally!!) so he was busy all evening hooking that up, and then we played a few games. So, hopefully we'll remember the cards tonight!! LOL!


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