Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just one more...

Lately I've been writing short blog posts for a client -- and when I say short, I mean 200 words on average.  They are quick little things to write, and when I really get on a roll, I find myself saying, "Just one more... Just one more... Just one more."

Not that it's a bad thing to get that carried away with work, but sometimes -- like tonight -- it means that before I know it, it's quite late, and all I've done is work.

Tonight it's a good thing.  Yesterday I went out to the barn in the morning and rode Rondo, which I was quite proud of -- I hadn't been riding enough, and yesterday's ride was my third in three days.

Unfortunately, I only made up for a little of my lost work time last night because of evening plans.  This morning I also didn't get a lot of work done, so it's good to spend some quality time on client work this evening.

And I'm trying to make a decision about tomorrow, too -- I had wanted to go ride again, but if I do it will mean I probably won't get much work done tomorrow, as I have evening plans again.  And I still have some things that, if they don't get done tonight, should definitely get done tomorrow.

Juggling all the demands on my time is difficult, but at the same time, I'm also so glad I'm devoting more time to freelancing again!

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