Thursday, September 25, 2014

Play all morning, work all night

Today I threw my daily schedule out the window: I played hooky before picking the kids up from school, and I'm making up for it by working in the evening.

Honestly, though, I love that freelancing allows for that kind of decision.  I don't mind working in the evening.  Although some people would consider that their time to relax, I am relaxed -- I'm just kicking back on the couch with my computer.

I just have to make sure I really do make up the work in the evening, of course -- sometimes that's easier said than done.  Tonight there is no one else home to distract me from my work, though.  Plus it's still early (for me), so it should be a productive evening.

What kept me from my work this morning: A friend invited me to a 1920s-themed lunch at the retirement center where he works, so we crashed the old people's party.  I have accumulated quite a little wardrobe of 1920s clothes since I first started dressing up a year or two ago, so putting together an outfit for today was easy peasy.  (I'm also planning on dressing up in 20s "glad rags" for the NaNoWriMo kickoff party -- even though I don't know yet whether I'll be working on one of my Ruby Ransome novels this year.)

As a writer friend commented, it was kind of like work, in a sense: It was research.  I laughed at that, but it's true in a way.  It certainly doesn't hurt the writing process if I know what it's like to wear the clothes!

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