Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sick week

Despite all the promises of the coming week -- a week with nothing to do except to settle in to my new freelancing schedule and maybe see my horses a little too -- I got nothing done.  Why, you ask?

Well, this time at least it wasn't my fault.  It was because I got sick.

And not just a little sick.  Really, ridiculously sick.  Sick as in "I hardly left my bed all week."

I'm pretty sure it was the enterovirus that has everyone freaked out in these parts, mostly because I know for a fact I was exposed to it on Saturday.  On Sunday, I had the earliest suspicions that I was coming down with something, but it wasn't until Monday evening that it hit in full force.  It took only an hour or two to go from "I think I'm getting sick" to collapsing in an exhausted heap in bed... where I stayed for the next 36 hours.

I took Tuesday off of work and pretty much slept all day long.  On Wednesday I was feeling a little better, but probably still should not have gone to work, as I felt like the walking dead all day long.  Ironically, I also had a physical that morning, but I was still in the early stages of the virus at the time, so it hadn't yet moved into my chest, and they never guessed what it was.

Thursday I woke up feeling much better, but it turned out to be the eye of the storm, a short reprieve while the virus moved headquarters.  By evening it had moved into my chest.  Thursday night was terrible, with lots of coughing, and I couldn't sleep lying down because I felt like I had weights on my lungs.

Friday I had an unexpected day off work, which was good because Thursday night was so rough.  I slept most of the day, and then got some cough medicine (instead of NyQuil, which wasn't working as well for stage two of the virus).  Last night I got the first restful -- and horizontal -- sleep of the entire illness, and although I'm still coughing, I feel much better today.

I feel like I slept through the entire week, though.  A whole week gone, and nothing to show for it!  I barely managed to clean up after myself and do the few freelance assignments I had.  I wouldn't have even done that, but I felt I had to accomplish something with all that time -- although that impulse might have been part of my delirium, who knows.

Thanks to my current status of babysitting pariah (no one wants their kids getting this thing, and everyone in Denver is on high alert because of all the kids hospitalized from it in the last month), I have the weekend off to rest and recover.  I have spent most of today freelancing and browsing social media from bed, and although I do plan to do some cleaning and grocery shopping tomorrow, it'll probably be spent mostly the same way.

If getting sick is Fate's way of saying you need a vacation, I think this tour guide tried to send me to Elysium!

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