Monday, September 15, 2014

Enforced settling in, and a week of possibilities

I'm making myself settle in this week.  It's high time I starting utilizing that daily schedule I made myself before summer ended.  If it doesn't seem like it's going to work for me, I can tweak it as necessary, but I have to actually try using it before I can do that.
This week should be a good one for that.  I do have some things to do around the house, but I may be able to shift those to evening so that they don't interfere with my daytime work schedule.  Otherwise I have very little in the mornings -- a brief farrier appointment to correct Rondo's shoe after last week's mishap, and a physical -- to keep me from trying out this new daily schedule.

Monday mornings always seem so hopeful to me.  Facebook is always full of complaints about it being Monday, but I enjoy Mondays, or at least I do when I'm in my school-year schedule.  For one thing, my weekends are generally busier and less relaxing than the rest of the week for me.  But also, Monday is the start of a new week, full possibilities and an untouched to-do list for the week.

This Monday seems especially hopeful to me.  We'll see how the week plays out, but so far it's looking promising!

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