Thursday, January 08, 2009

A writer's high

You've probably heard of the term runner's high, which refers to the surge of endorphins runners get. (Not me. The only thing I get from running is a nasty stitch in my side.)

Is there also such thing as a writer's high, I wonder? If there is, I had it this morning!

I had an interview this morning for an article I'm writing for a local publication. It was my first face-to-face interview in quite a while (the rest have been telephone interviews), and I'd forgotten how much easier I am able to relax when interviewing someone in person.

So even though I was a bit nervous when I walked in, I was absolutely giddy when I walked out. It's that feeling of unbounded excitement and accomplishment after a successful interview that I think ought to be termed a writer's high. Probably also the related experience of getting really revved up about a topic you are researching and writing about.

What about you? Do you ever get a writer's high?

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