Monday, January 19, 2009

'I can pay you IF you really want me to'

I was browsing Craigslist just for the fun of it over the weekend, and since I'm planning on getting back to marketing this week, I decided to glance through the writing job ads. I saw this one in the gigs section and was appalled:

Graduate School Personal Statement

I need help from someone who knows what graduate schools want to hear and can help me get my ideas across. I am having a hard time writing more than few sentences for my personal statement. I don't have too much money on hand to offer, but I could probably come up with $20 if you really want it.

Compensation: no pay

Let's ignore the glaringly obvious issue of this person wanting someone else to do the work so that they can get into grad school, and focus on the last sentence of the ad. In exchange for my expertise about what grad schools are looking for, the time it will take to get into the poster's head and extract their "ideas," and the skill it takes to then put those (probably worthless) ideas into words, the poster is willing to give me GAS MONEY... IF I really want it.

Why does the dumba$$ think I would even be browsing the job ads???

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