Monday, January 26, 2009

Working with Michael home

Michael is home today due to a freak back injury — he was leaning over this morning and felt a pop in his back. Ever since, he's had a burning sensation in his lower back and hips. Since he had surgery for a herniated disc three years ago, an injury like this from an everyday movement such as leaning over is pretty concerning.

So today I'll be working with Michael home, which reminds me of this quote. It is always difficult for me to concentrate on work when Michael is home, but especially when he is sick or needs some sort of care. When he had his back surgery in early 2006, the first winter of my freelancing career, he was home for a month and a half, so I am well acquainted with how distracting something like that can be!

Right now Michael is dosed up on ibuprofen, playing video games from his most ergonomic chair. Hopefully after a day or two of taking it easy, he will start feeling back to normal. I don't like seeing him unhappy or uncomfortable, of course, but I also can't afford to let my income suffer right now!

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