Monday, January 26, 2009

Ironic timing to talk about time management

After my post earlier about Michael being home today, I saw this post on Kathy Kehrli's Screw You! blog:

Take Back Your (Freelancing) Time Week

Time management is something I always struggle with, and probably always will. I have good days, where I am especially productive, but then I also have bad days (like today) where there are too many distractions to accomplish much.

Striving for better time management is good, but personally if I wanted a strictly regimented schedule I would have a full time job. For me one of the advantages of freelancing is to be able to set aside my work when I want or need to.

Still, though, I could do better — so I'll take up Kathy's challenge and see how I can improve this week.

After I comment on one more blog post, that is...

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