Monday, March 31, 2008

Site traffic and ad revenue: Lessons learned

I just learned something important about my site traffic.

Prior to moving my wedding blog last week, I was averaging around 700 hits a day.

When I moved my wedding blog and installed the new template, I forgot to add my Active Meter code to the template. Suddenly my website has dropped to about 100 hits a day. That means my wedding blog alone gets 600 hits a day!

Interestingly, my ad revenue has also gone up since I moved my wedding blog. I installed new ads, as well as adding some channels so I can see which ads are the most lucrative. I didn't think I changed the ads that much, but suddenly my ad revenue has almost tripled!

This is really encouraging to me. It means that with a little more work, I might actually be able to get some decent ad revenue from my blogs, particularly my wedding blog — not enough that I can rely on ad revenue alone, mind you, but enough for a little extra "pocket money."

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