Saturday, March 01, 2008

A meme to break my fast

I haven't done a meme for a little while now, but Dorit from Pieces of Me just broke my fast by tagging me to write 7 random facts about me.

Here we go:

1) I'm working out on the porch right now. It's a little windy, but sunny and about 70 degrees. Gotta love Colorado weather!

2) Speaking of loving Colorado weather, I'm heliotropic. That means that the weather affects my moods. If it's sunny, I'm happy. When it's overcast or rainy/snowy, I have to fight the urge to stay in bed all day. Apparently a lot of longtime Colorado residents are like this, because we get so used to seeing the sun almost every day.

3) I had my first boyfriend when I was four. He was in my preschool class, and he gave me a purple clip-on earring to remember him by. He kept the other one.

4) I kept that earring through two moves. In fact, it's probably still in my childhood keepsakes box.

5) Sushi is one of my favorite foods.

6) My favorite flowers are roses, preferrably peach in color.

7) My favorite color is blue, which caused a lot of problems when I was really little — back then it was supposed to be a boy's color, even more so than now.

According to the rules, I'm supposed to tag seven people. However, I've never been much of a conformist, so I'm going to break the rules, and grant a break to the usual recipients of my tags. Instead, I'm issuing a general tag to anyone who feels like being tagged — just leave a comment on the post to let us know you've blogged about it!


Michele said...

Wow, I just finished and posted this same meme, only I put a different spin on it. :-)

Your weather sounds awesome. I'd never be able to eat raw fish, though. I'm weird that way. I still have keepsakes from my childhood too. How sweet!


Katharine Swan said...

Thanks for your comment, Michele! I checked out your meme post (and commented there too). Your posts are always so unique -- I love reading them!

Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I'm heliotropic too ... except I never knew that's what it was called. LOL


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