Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bush 'helps' small business owners

President Bush is again touting his tax rebate plan's ability to help small business owners.

According to this article:

The president said his administration — with legislation approved by Congress — had taken "decisive action" by getting money for taxpayers and businesses, which are to receive tax incentives to invest. He said that will create new jobs.

It sounds like garbled BS to me, created primarily to sound like they're doing something important. "Decisive action"? "Tax incentives to invest"?

To invest in what, pray tell? My husband's wine collection? (He'd like that.)

Then there's this nice quote from Bush:

"Small business owners are dreamers and doers," Bush said. "We want to watch them and help them expand."

Oh yeah? Well then, give us a break on the friggin' self-employment tax! Seriously, nothing dissuades someone from starting a small business faster than when they realize they'll have to pay a 15 percent self-employment tax!

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