Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting back to an earlier schedule

After getting up early for Monday's phone interview, I've been on an earlier schedule almost all week.

Monday morning, I had to be on the phone by 7:45, so I was up by about 7:20. Tuesday morning, I was up at about the same time to take Michael to work so that I could keep the car (my car isn't running right now). Although I ended up feeling pretty energized all day on Monday, on Tuesday the earlier schedule didn't go over as well, and I ended up succumbing to the urge to take a nap.

Yesterday I didn't have to get up early for any particular reason, but I made myself anyway, getting out of bed by 9:30. Today it was 9:20.

Anyone who has followed my blog or known me for a while realizes what a big deal it is for me to get out of bed by 9:30. I should also add that I've been in bed by 11:00 or 11:30 every night this week, which is also quite a feat — I'm a night owl, and am accustomed to working late at night and sleeping late in the morning.

That started changing last summer, when I started getting up with Michael to take morning walks before he went to work. I got into the habit of not working late at night, and as a result, even when the morning walks ended and I stopped getting up early every morning, I still wasn't working late as often.

In other words, getting up early this week has been a really good thing, because it has given me more time to work, and as a result I've had a pretty productive week (all except for Tuesday, when I took that nap). Hopefully I'll be able to maintain the earlier schedule for a while!

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