Sunday, January 14, 2007

Post Script on Freelance Work Exchange

Yesterday I posted about Amy Derby of Write-From-Home.com, Freelance Work Exchange, and the folks over at WAHM. Today I have something to add that Amy told me, in regards to FWE and the annoying ads on Craigslist. According to Amy, the spam doesn't come from Freelance Work Exchange itself, but from affiliates who are trying to make money. Moreover, FWE does not approve of spamming the boards, and would most likely ban the offending affiliates from the program if they (FWE) found out.

Amy also explained to me that her site itself is not actually an affiliate of Freelance Work Exchange. She said she mentioned the service in an article once as a resource for writers, but that was it. She's considering removing the mention from that article so that no one else gets the wrong idea.

In any case, I wanted to pass on this new information about Amy Derby, Write-From-Home.com, and Freelance Work Exchange!

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Anonymous said...

This is Rob Palmer from Freelance Work Exchange.

Yes, the problems with Craig's List were caused by a renegade affiliate who was immediately terminated from our program.


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