Saturday, January 20, 2007

Website hosting woes

I'm rather fed up with my website hosting company, Doteasy. I've had more email problems with them than I think I should have with a service I'm paying good money for.

For the last few months, I've noticed my emails are frequently getting flagged as spam. Now, when I'm selling something on ebay, there's an alternative way for the recipient to contact me (and let me know the problem), but it worries me that prospective clients may simply never be receiving my resumes.

I emailed Doteasy about the problem, and they basically told me that I should set up my email to go through my ISP's SMTP server. Excuse me? I'm paying you to provide me with email access... Now make it work!

I've been dealing with Doteasy for a couple of days now, and I haven't received a response since that initial one. In the meantime, I contacted MSN and AOL to find out whether my problem is because Doteasy's servers are blacklisted, or because my domain had a private registration. (I have since turned off the private registration, because both MSN and AOL's sites say that they will automatically block any email with a private registration.) MSN got back to me tonight with a message to give to my email provider. So, again, I am waiting on Doteasy to take the initiative and do their freaking job.

This might not be such an irritation for me if I hadn't have had the problem with Doteasy before. It used to be that my emails were bouncing back to me from Yahoo and Comcast email addresses. That problem was fixed, but only after several annoying months of difficulties communicating with clients.

My patience is wearing rather thin. Because my business is conducted primarily via email, I simply can't afford to have problems contacting people in that manner. So yesterday I started looking into alternative website hosting services. I found some that are less expensive than Doteasy, but realistically, that is not my first concern: I want (and need) my hosting company to be reliable.

Whether not I transfer my website will depend on how Doteasy handles the situation now that I've relayed MSN's customer service message to them. I'll keep you posted. If I have to transfer my website, hopefully it won't be down for very long.


Unknown said...

Wow! I can totally see your frustration. It's terrible that you are having so many problems. I have recently thought about starting up a site of my own, outside of myspace. Any suggestions? Well, I wish you better luck with your provider. It seems they lack the competency to deliver the service you have paid for. I would personally would be headed out the door or better yet to one who can deliver. ;)

Katharine Swan said...

Thanks for your comment. I realized there are a few features of Doteasy that I would lose if I switched hosting companies - such as my contact form that allows me to not post my email address - and I'm really not crazy about the idea of switching everything, so I'm going to give them a few days to do something about this.

After the 4 or 5 emails I sent over the weekend, they emailed me today to say that they were escalating the case to their operations department. I don't know why a case like mine didn't go directly there, but perhaps that department will do a better job of dealing with this.

If the situation does not show signs of being resolved by the end of the week, I'll transfer my website, regardless of contact information.

As for my advice for starting up a website of your own: GoDaddy.com looks like a good service. You can use MS Publisher, MS Frontpage, or a variety of other softwares to build your page, or you can pay the extra to use their website building service. Let me know if there is any other specific advice you were looking for.

Susan said...

Were your e-mail issues resolved after the switch to GoDaddy?

Katharine Swan said...

Susan, it seemed like it. I think it took a while for some of the more militant email providers such as AOL to stop thinking my emails were spam, but it did work.


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