Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Website changes

If you browse through my website, you may notice some changes have been made. For one thing, I got rid of my Guestbook and Getting Personal pages. This is partly because the guestbook was a Doteasy feature, and since I transferred hosting it wasn't going to work anymore. I'm sincerely sorry that I lost all of those delightful comments that people left, particularly after my article ran in Writers Weekly, but I'm afraid it couldn't be helped.

The reason why the Getting Personal page is gone, and why I didn't look for a way to create a new guestbook, is because I want to make my site a little more business-oriented. I rewrote a lot of the copy to deliver a little more of a sales push, deleted some of the superfluous stuff, and eliminated the poorer examples of my work from my portfolio.

My contact forms have also been replaced, since that was also a Doteasy feature. I'm trying out a free outside service to see how I like it - if you feel like sending me a message, I'd love to know what you think of the system!

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