Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm transferring my website!

Well, I've had it with Doteasy. I received an email from them this morning stating that they thought Hotmail had fixed the problem. Well, for one, no they haven't - I checked - and two, it's not Hotmail's problem... It's Doteasy's problem, as it's more than just Hotmail blocking my emails!!!

That was the final straw for me. Instead of giving it until the end of the week, as I had originally planned, I initiated the transfer to GoDaddy.com. The prices are better (I got a whole year of hosting, two years of registration, and an upgraded email plan for about what six months of hosting alone would cost me at Doteasy). Best of all, according to what they told me they have a system in place to help prevent their servers from getting blacklisted, and to correct the problem quickly if it should occur.

With the transfer initiated, it's important to warn you that my website may go down temporarily sometime in the next five days. The transfer shouldn't take more than five days, however, and I will be monitoring the situation closely so that I can upload my website to the new server immediately upon completion of the transfer.

Once my website is transferred, it may take me a few days to reconfigure some of the special web forms that Doteasy provided, such as the contact forms. (Unfortunately, I'll lose the entire guestbook.) If anyone needs to contact me during that time, they can reach me at KatharineSwan -at- Yahoo.com.

See you on the other side!

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