Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Commentary on my Writers Weekly article

I was Googling my name last night, making sure I didn't find any unauthorized uses of my work, when I came across a few pieces of commentary on my Writers Weekly article. I decided it was worth compiling links all of the feedback I've found into one blog entry (and repaying them for their nice words by linking to their sites).

Alicia of WritingSpark.com talks about the low-paying writing gigs she started out getting.

In a discussion of writing gigs that earn the writer "experience only," K.C.'s Write For You mentions my article.

The Writer's Confidant Blog engages in a full-blown discussion of the issues I addressed in my article. (And she calls me "very cool"!)

A piece on Where I Stand addresses the issues in my article, and then provides some tips for staying out of the low-paying-jobs trap.

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