Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Updates on Michael

Yesterday afternoon, Michael and I went to his doctor's appointment. They seemed to recognize that his back problem has gotten worse. They ordered an MRI, prescribed stronger pain medication and steriods (for reducing inflammation), and again recommended physical therapy. They also had him schedule a physical, as he hasn't had a comprehensive blood draw in years; they don't think the cold hands and feet have to do with his back, and they want to check his blood for things like thyroid functions.

Michael has been a little better each day. He's home from work again today, but he's been talking about going to work tomorrow and/or Friday. I think he ought to stay home, particularly because he has an appointment for his MRI late Friday, and he has to get his blood drawn first thing in the morning tomorrow or Friday, but it is ultimately his decision. I know he hates missing so much work, especially at this time of year, when it's really busy.

As for me, I'm gradually getting into the habit of working again... I did manage to work a little yesterday, despite the fact that most of the afternoon was taken up by the trip to the doctor's office and other errands, and I hope to be even more productive today.

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