Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tools for freelancers: Writing contracts and invoices

Being a freelance writer doesn't just mean writing articles and/or stories. You also have to be able to write for the marketing and business aspects of the job.

A week ago, Angela Hoy of Writer's Weekly posted a blurb on the importance of having a contract. I have to admit, even though she has some very important points of how not having a contract can get you screwed, I hadn't thought of it myself. I guess that's what sites like hers are for, right - helping out freelancers who are new enough to need the help. Anyway, Angela recommended writing your own contract if you're not provided with one. I had no idea how to write one, so I emailed her asking for help. She told me to search Google, and sure enough, I found plenty of sample freelance contracts to help me get started!

A couple of days later, I had to send an invoice to a publication that accepted one of my articles (hooray!). Not knowing where to start on that either, I decided to try the approach that had helped so much when I wanted to know about contracts: I searched Google. I found quite a few sample invoices, and was able to put together a pretty decent-looking one to send to my editor.

For more information, check my Best of the Web "How-to Blog" postings on writing freelance contracts and invoices.

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