Sunday, January 22, 2006

An interesting quote and other random thoughts

Google's quote of the day was pretty good. As someone who is not religious and who is totally baffled by humanity's apparent desperation to believe in a good reason for our existence, this quote, by Andre Malraux, pretty much touched home for me.

In other matters... It's strange to know that Michael is going back to work tomorrow. He's doing a lot better than he was last week, and of course he really can't keep missing work like this; but it'll be strange not to have him home. Good, in some ways, as I'll be able to get stuff done; but strange nonetheless. And lonely.

As far as getting things done goes, I've done pretty well with keeping up on my paying blog entries, but I need to get back to work on some other assignments. I could work on some of that stuff tonight, but I think I'll be better off buckling down tomorrow during the day, when I'm alone. There'll be less distractions then. I may not be sleepy for a while yet, since I slept pretty late today, but I'll read for a little while if that's the case... It ought to relax me a little, and hopefully help me go to bed at a normal time (for me), rather than the super-late bedtime that could correspond with my super-late waking time.

Tomorrow Michael has a physical therapy in the early evening, to which I'm going as well, in case they want to show us exercises he can do at home with my help. That will break up my day somewhat, so hopefully I'll be able to get enough work done before then.

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