Thursday, January 19, 2006

The query ordeal, continued; plus, International Payment Coupons

Today I nearly finished up with the queries. I spent the better part of the afternoon stamping and addressing envelopes and placing return-address stickers. I went out and bought more stamps, and then made a trip to the Post Office to mail those queries that had to go out of the country.

Now that was fun. You can't just include an SASE with those queries that are destined for Canada or the United Kingdom, as they don't use USPS postage. Instead, you have to send an International Payment Coupon with your self-addressed envelope, which they then use to buy postage (I think?). The problem was, the guy behind the counter wasn't sure how to do it, because he said they rarely sell them. So he had to ask. As it turns out, he just charges them and stamps them, and then I put it in the envelope with the query and return envelope. Easy-peasy, after a fashion.

Now that that's finished, I feel relieved that it's all over, but rather drained in the aftermath. I have other writing to do, but I have a feeling it'll be a struggle to motivate myself to do it this evening. I guess I ought to just wait until tomorrow for a fresh start. At least I have only the one major assignment left to finish at the moment. It should be pretty painless, so I hope to finish it this weekend. That way, I'll be free to work on some fiction for a little while.

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