Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bush's plans for health insurance

Another new article that I found interesting and pertinent to my own concerns (and, I must add, rather infuriating): an article about Bush's plans for "correcting" the health care system.

This article talks about how Bush wants to try to control the soaring prices of health care by placing the responsibilities in the hands of the individual. However, his concern here is not for the health of the American people, but the profit margin of American businesses: because the cost of health care is so high, business are struggling to provide benefits for their employees. However, as critics point out in the article, shifting more of the responsibilities of maintaining health care to the hands of individuals won't necessarily keep the prices down - instead, they pointed out, it could actually make costs go up more, since his plan will increase the demand for individual health insurance plans, allowing the companies to raise prices as they see fit. As I see it, though, the biggest problem with this plan is that it will do absolutely nothing to help all Americans get health insurance. For people like me, whom the insurance companies can refuse to cover under an individual plan, it will do absolutely nothing. I have to get health insurance via an employer's group plan, since they are the only plans who are forbidden by law from denying me coverage. With Bush's plan shifting the responsibility of health insurance away from the businesses and onto the individuals, where will that leave people like me? Up shit creek without a paddle, that's where!

Let's hope that whoever is elected president next is able to fix the damage Bush is doing to our country... Because if it gets much worse here, I'm moving to Canada! At least there I'll have guaranteed health care...and hey, the lower crime rates are just a bonus!

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