Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hooky by day, writer by night

My plan to reestablish my freelance writing schedule this week backfired.  Over the weekend I found a piano, and will be meeting the movers at the thrift store tomorrow.  I expect the move to take up a major chunk of my day.  On top of that, I have some help with household projects available to me this week, so I decided to take advantage of it.

It helps, of course, that my biggest client is on hiatus at the moment, which has freed up a little time in my schedule.

Of course, the nice thing about freelancing is that I don't have to totally play hooky.

I'm still taking a little work from two of my regular clients, so I'll be making up for the lost daytime hours by working a little in the evenings.  It'll turn my schedule on its head for another week, but at least I'll still get a little work done even during my week of "playing hooky."

For the most part I try not to get into the habit of doing this too much, because it's so easy to end up not working at all, especially if I put it off until evening.  It makes it too tempting to say, "Oh, I'm too tired; I'll do it tomorrow."  But I have an awful lot of projects hanging over my head, and it'll be good to take advantage of the help while I have it.

What about you?  Do you think of your freelance schedule as fluid and flexible, able to be changed around if needed, or do you stick to a strict writing schedule?

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