Friday, May 13, 2016

My writing schedule: Snafus and goals

My freelance writing schedule has become totally unrecognizable, and needs to be revived.

The shakeup has definitely been caused by the events of the last month.  I was sick for two weeks, which did the worst damage -- it was a butt-kicking kind of cold, especially the cough, and I didn't feel like doing anything while it was hanging on.  I gave up a lot of babysitting (as much because parents didn't want to expose their kids as because I didn't feel well), and didn't get all that much freelancing done, either.

Last week and this week I babysat a lot, which kept me from reestablishing my freelancing schedule.  Plus, I had a lot of stuff to do last week that had been ignored when I was sick -- like cleaning, and laundry.  And then this week I had to get ready for company, so more time was devoted to cleaning and finishing up projects.

I'm hoping for a return of sanity next week, especially since I don't babysit until the end of the week, which should give me several solid days of freelancing.
I also need to find a way to balance my writing schedule with my babysitting (difficult to do because it's not consistent), and balance both of those with my need to do stuff around the house.  It's easy for me to overlook that kind of stuff, but since it's only me doing it now, I can't anymore.  Plus, I have a lot of projects around the house and the garden that I want to do, and the longer, warmer days are making it more possible (and more tempting) to work on those.

I also feel I need to reassess my intended daily schedule.  My plan was to do networking, marketing, and other admin things in the mornings, go to the barn about midday, and work on client work afterward.  It never seemed to work out that way, though, and I was always going to the barn later in the day.

I wouldn't mind keeping my schedule like that, but in the summer I might actually benefit from going earlier, when it's not as hot (or as buggy).  Unfortunately I'm not much of a morning person, but if it means giving me a less interrupted work day, not to mention more opportunities to ride, can I manage it anyway?

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