Monday, June 20, 2016

NaNoWriMo at Denver Comic Con!

This past weekend was Denver Comic Con.  I should have posted sooner, but I haven't been very good about maintaining my blogs, and by the time I thought about it Comic Con was underway -- and then I was too busy to post before the end.

My co-ML for the Denver region, who is fantastic and has been an ML for many years, arranged with Comic Con for us to have a table there again, like we did at last year's Comic Con.  And this year, I was on a panel to talk about NaNoWriMo!

Many of my friends scolded me for not telling them sooner that I was on a panel, but honestly part of it was that I almost didn't believe it myself.  Me, on a panel at Comic Con?  Why would they want me?

And part of it was probably that I was blocking it so that I wouldn't get nervous weeks or even months in advance.  I didn't start thinking about it until a couple days before, which meant only a couple days of panicking, and not enough time to change my mind and back out.

The subject of the panel was, "Anyone Can Write a Novel," and we were intending it to be an all-ages thing where we would also have an opportunity to discuss the Young Writers program.  Unfortunately, not too many kids came.  And actually, I didn't see all that many kids on Friday at all, even just counting those who walked by our booth.  I suspect parents who came on Friday took advantage of the weekday to have some adult time at Comic Con, and left their kids in camps or child care.

Once the panel was out of the way, I was able to enjoy myself a little bit more.  We had many more people stop by the booth this year, and gave away many more stickers and postcards and information about NaNo than last year.  In fact, we completely ran out!  It was a wildly successful con.

And of course, Camp NaNoWriMo starts in a week and a half.  I'm excited!  I think this month I'm going to focus on refamiliarizing myself with Ruby Ransome, finishing revisions on the first manuscript, and refreshing myself on the research.  It won't be an actual word count, but it'll hopefully help me to get out of this slump!

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