Wednesday, May 14, 2014

National Small Business Week

I found out via Facebook that this is National Small Business Week.  I didn't even know that such a thing existed, but apparently there are events in a few cities, as well as a number of online broadcasts and workshops tomorrow (today, by the time you early morning people read this).  There were a couple other live broadcasts yesterday and today that I missed -- it might be worth checking into whether the recordings are available after the workshops are over.

From the post on White House Blog:

Today, companies like Twitter can help entrepreneurs start real conversations with consumers to build customer loyalty. Entrepreneurs can do business in their pajamas; all you need is a great idea, a marketable skill, a laptop and the know-how to use it. On our live stream this week, we’ll host workshops that explain how entrepreneurs can promote and grow their business in the mobile and digital space.

Of course, being self-employed, celebrating small businesses is appealing on a professional level -- but it's also important to me as a consumer.  Many of my favorite businesses -- coffee shops, restaurants, tack stores, even the online store where I get my favorite tea -- are small businesses.  I have a lot of respect for other entrepreneurs, and my lifestyle and values dictate that I should devote as much of my spending as I can to local small businesses.

What about you?  Do you frequent small, local businesses?  Do you find that being self-employed makes you more aware of small businesses and more likely to support them?

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