Friday, May 16, 2014

Birds, priorities, and just doing it

This morning on Facebook I saw the article "How to Think Like a Writer" making the rounds.  It was nice timing, because I am sitting down this morning for the first time in a few days to do some writing before I go to pick up the kids.

The advice in the article is really good.  I especially like the advice, "Just take it bird by bird."  The reference is to a paper on birds the author's brother was writing, but the advice holds true to all writers.  One sentence, blog post, article section, or page at a time -- whatever helps you to get your writing done.  Trying to measure progress by an entire article, book, or another finished project can flatten anyone's motivation.

(Actually, this sounds very much like an analogy I made on this blog long ago -- but that was one mogul at a time.  Whether moguls or birds, though, the sentiment is the same.)

The other advice on the list, I also should take to heart, especially the ones about making writing a priority and "just doing it."  I've gotten better about it more recently, but the past couple of years there was always something getting in the way of me writing -- and with the nanny job to depend on, there was never enough incentive to bring me back around to it (or as much spare time for me to work my way back around in my own time).

I'm working on it, though.  Every day -- well, most days -- I make a little bit more progress.

And now... to go write today's bird!

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