Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tax returns recovery and revised goals

Two days later, and I'm finally feeling like I've recovered from staying up all night Monday night to do our taxes!  Even though I wasn't that tired on Tuesday, I was exhausted yesterday, so I guess it just took a day for the lack of sleep to catch up to me.  This morning I slept later than intended, so I skipped my riding lesson, but I know I needed it because I have felt very rested this morning.

I've also been making stellar progress with getting organized and meeting my goals for the year, so much so that I've been thinking of revising one of them.

Although I haven't always been consistent about blogging every single day, for the most part I've been doing pretty well with it.  Any time I skip a day I've been good about making up the missed blog post, and some days I've quite easily written more than one.  Besides that, I've also started a new blog, and being that I have one more to contribute to (and this one does require a daily post), I am thinking of upping my goal to two posts a day instead of just one.

This being my second blog post of the day, of course.

I've also been doing a good job of remaining productive on other tasks, so I'm not worried about spending too much time on my blogs.  And since I did get a nice bonus every month from ad revenue back when I updated my blogs regularly, I think some extra work on my blogs will pay off in the long run.

It feels good to be accomplishing something again!

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