Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday wishes

The past week has been rough, thanks to some upheaval in my personal life.  I didn't get anything done Easter weekend as I'd planned, and then I was highly unfocused all week long.  Around the end of the week, I finally felt like I was getting some of my productivity back, but then my birthday was yesterday so I (understandably) didn't do anything productive whatsoever.  Instead, I went to the museum (the Denver Museum of History and Science gave me a free day for my birthday!), one of my favorite restaurants for dinner, and then out to the barn for a late evening visit with my horses.

It's been a good birthday season overall.  The family I nanny for and one of the families I babysit for got me some small gifts, including this really cute card made by a very precocious three-year-old (and one of my favorite kids).

There's nothing like a birthday to make you feel appreciated when you need it most.  Now hopefully I can carry Friday's productivity through into the coming week!

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